Full access Viewer Pass

This pass is for you if:

You are an employee of a retailer/manufacturing company e.g. Walmart, Target, General Motors, Coca-Cola etc. and work in a supply chain capacity.

(Please Note: This is NOT available to anyone in a sales, business development, marketing, recruitment, or account management role. If you do your pass will be declined and automatically moved to a complimentary viewer pass).

Solutions & Service Providers

If you are a solution provider or service provider, you are in the right place! Please select one of the below packages to proceed with your booking.

This pass is for you if:
  • You are an employee that sells solutions to Manufacturers or Brand owners.
  • You have a sales or business development title role e.g. sales, marketing, account manager, business development etc.
Viewers Pass
View Sessions only
This pass does not include networking.


Full Access
Partner Pass
This gives you full access to the event plus full networking with other attendees.

$150 - 50% discount till the 16th

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