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Radu and the team have done an excellent teamwork to gather all the talents and speakers to discuss on complex topics in a very simple way. Same as the whole supply chain industry, the hardwork behind the organization of a successful event like this is often underestimated.
Iftekhar Choudhury
Head Of Logistics, Carrefour Global Sourcing
I think I was very lucky to be able to find this. My learnings are so much. In the nutshell I would say my scope of thinking, view of point has now broadened and has become practical towards supply chain
Nikhil Sharma
It was a fantastic and highly relevant day where a number of key topics were discussed (logistics, data, use of technology) across SC's and the real take away was learning of the challenges faced across different industries and how companies are reacting and mitigating risk.
Grant Morrison
Director, Head of Category Management, Maersk Drilling
It was Great! I missed to attend most of it due to vaccination but good thing, contents are still available and I watched it! Thanks again for the great content and project!
Jan Rae Lanante
Sr. Associate-Supply and Demand Planning, Kuwait Food Company (Americana)
Alcott Global's online #supplychainlogistics conference contained a great deal of food for thought, with insights into smart business forecasting, as well as strategies and values that helped companies best navigate through the pandemic crisis.The recorded discussions are all still available online on the conference site until the end of this month. CargoForwarder Global enjoyed the experience and my takeaways have just been published.
Brigitte Gledhill
Chief Correspondent, CargoForwarder Global
Was a very interesting discussion and great sharing. 👍
Peter Minor
Chief Executive Officer, Lamech Ltd.
After listening to a couple of panels at the event one conclusion stands out for me - data itself doesn't do the job. You need to have the right tech and PEOPLE using it to move to the front of the pack. This does seem like a no-brainer but a lot of people seem not to realise this.
Paweł Banaszak
Supply ChaCommunication and Marketing Manager, USS UNITED SHIPPING SERVICES ABin Queen
Thank you for an excellent programme, very well done and much appreciated👌👍 Interesting it is that challenges of today are not that different to those we had days before yesterday (read 30+ years ago). Thankfully enabling technology is a lot smarter these days, perhaps reason for an accelerated pace for the days after tomorrow.
Per Starup Sennicksen
Associate Partner, Humanostics
Great event! Can’t wait to share and write about it this weekend! I’ve been slower this week on social!
Sheri R. Hinish
Supply Chain Queen
Superb event cutting across regions and various interest groups, providing invaluable and practical think-tank snippets of information - thank you Alcott Global!
Lee Mei Ling
Supply Chain Leader, Retired
Great walkthrough on current state with transportation around the world. Bullwhip effect from Covid 19 is in it's full swing, everyone needs to keep their eyes open what comes next. We are not out of this turbulence yet.
Juha Bruun
Supply Chain & Operations Professional
Great time at Makers and Movers Global Summit 2021 today - looking forward to the live Q&A next week !A special thanks to Andrei Palamariu Palamariu, and the entire Alcott Global team ! It is always a pleasure to speak at Makers & Movers!
Pawan Joshi
Senior Vice President, Products & Strategy, E2open
I enjoyed the panel session “Building the Supply Chain Talent for the future” moderated by Radu Palamariu at the Makers and Movers Summit yesterday.Learned a lot from my fellow panelists Hannah Kain Rod Franklin and Susana Val (I picked up a few ideas from them). And, got to share a few examples of Singapore’s efforts in bridging academia and industry.We are looking forward to working with the supply chain community to prepare the workforce for the future!
Wei Chuen Chua
Acting VP and Head, Supply Chain & Connectivity, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
Hi Radu! Alcott Global did a very good job by organizing the Makers and Movers Global Summit. The speakers were great and very inspiring! I really enjoyed it and I hope to repeat next year 😀 Also the storytelling masterclass was a highlight for me! It is a pity that it lasted only 2 hours, it was very short time and a lot to say/do! Keep on doing this great job
Great event Radu Palamariu and the Alcott Global team! And it was a privilege to share an hour with Mete Bayyigit , Sheri R. Hinish and Stephan de Barse trading thoughts on the benefits of digital and human brains!
Gareth Davies
Head of Global Logistics, Lenovo
It was a fantastic summit. Thank you Alcott Global for your tireless work in bringing this wealth of knowledge to us. To have access to the insight and thinking of the top global #MakersAndMovers amazing.
Dot Coull
Owner, Findlays
I believe that this event shows that the world is changing, people are having a different mindset now. Our values are changing. This pandemic has shown us all that we all need to work together to build a better sustainable world. The Global Makers and Mover's summits is an amazing platform to interact and learn! The event was great! I got emotional just listening to the speakers speak with so much passion! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be part of this event.
Nnebuogo Agbo
Senior Manager, Vedrus Energy Limited
I so much enjoying it and l appreciate the certificate giving to me as a participant member, and l will like to subject if there is any way this organization can add finical benefit to every member participate in this program.
Braimah Adams Oshokaih
Excellent job one more time Radu Palamariu Cristina Tetcu Andrei Palamariu and Alcott Global team, very well organized event. Leading from the front 👍🏼🤝👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, Ph.D
Founder, SCMDOJO
Truly enjoyed our discussion with Andrea Abegg, Sanne Manders, Julia Myroshnychenko and a wonderful moderator unafraid of difficult questions Radu Palamariu about the crisis in #supplychain and the ways to use #data and #dataanalytics to combat it in an innovative way. It is not about having more data, it is what you do with it - from constantly reviewing and improving assortments to introducing new #shipping services based on a better use of technology, from upgrading the skills on the team to growing the visibility across the chain. #1010data
Inna Kuznetsova
Chief Executive Officer, 1010data
An awesome event with the top speakers in the industry, the quality of the conversations was excellent!!
Roberto Fernández
Supply Chain Manager
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